How small businesses can reverse negative Google search results effectively?

The main goal of search marketing is to gain visibility and traffic from both the unpaid and the paid efforts. Search Marketing involves both SEO and SEM. The SEO or Search Engine Optimization earns traffic with the help of free listings and SEM or Search Engine Marketing is used to purchase traffic through the paid listings.

Being a part of the SEO industry, it is important to remain updated with the happenings therein. Experts at John Wilson Solutions keep a note of the daily trends and industry news in SEM or search marketing for both the PPC or paid search advertising and free listings. One of the recent SEO news to consider is that Google is finding ways to handle offensive search results and suggestions. Negative search results can adversely affect the local SEO and small businesses.

Nothing is worse for an entrepreneur than discovering that his business is associated with bad search results. With the help of effective SEO and ORM strategies the image of a brand can be promoted.

Negative results, customer feedback or reviews affect small business in mainly three ways.

  • It affects the ranking of the brand or business in the local search engines.
  • Brands associated with negative results do not get clicked.
  • It affects the buyers purchasing decision.
    How to Deal With Negative Search Results:

1. Completely Remove Negative Content:

The first thing as an entrepreneur you should do to save your brand from a bad name is remove the negative content, bad review or the defamatory remarks. Removing the link from the negative content disassociates your name and ensures that consumers do not see it again.

2. Getting Rid of Your Web Pages:

The best way to deal with negative comment or review is to respond in a helpful and professional way or you could update the information of your business profile to something more interesting and positive and in extreme situations it is best to remove your profile altogether.

3. Remove Content From Web Pages Not Under Your Control:

The best way to get rid of content from a web page not under your control is to contact the website owner or contact Google to eliminate sites that defame your brand.

4. Make Use of Reverse SEO:

This is done to suppress the negative content without removing it. Suppressing the negative content through reverse SEO also helps to strengthen the online branding and promote the business in positive light.

5. Suppress Bad Links:

You can suppress the bad links by creating and posting new business profiles and remaining active on them. You can post positive comments about your brand regularly on a company blog started by you. Post expert advice on the professional columns etc.

6. ORM or Online Reputation Management Services to Remove Negative Content:

You can avail the services of a top-notch online reputation management company. These companies monitor and remove the negative content of its clients from the sites of public database. These companies also deliver informal services to have the defamatory content, negative feedback of clients removed from the internet.

Avail the services of John Wilson Solutions to protect the image of your brand. We are an eminent web development and SEO company. We offer effective SEO and ORM package to effectively maintain the reputed image of your brand. We can suppress your negative image and create a positive image of your brand by suppressing negative links, promoting your blogs positively in the social networking and media sites, adopting reverse SEO strategies etc.

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