Guideline to develop an effective digital marketing campaign plan

Planning for an effective digital marketing campaign is absolutely necessary. Digital marketing is challenging as it is based on insights and assumptions and the final destination is not definite. Thus, digital marketing campaign cannot be carried out without a proper plan. Here is a step by step approach to chalk out an effective digital marketing campaign plan.

#1. Determine Mission or Objective:


The first step to a powerful digital marketing plan is to determine the overall objective or mission you want to achieve through the campaign. After defining your overall objective; set and measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Be specific about the KPIs and set a goal for the figures that you want to achieve.
  • Be practical with your KPIs and assess your past marketing efforts. This would help you to be practical with your expectation and prevent you from setting unrealistic goals.
  • Determine a method to measure your KPIs. You could use social media analytics, Google analytics etc.

#2. Analyze Past Digital Marketing Strategy:


The next step is to analyze the failures and success of your past digital marketing strategy. This would help you to set the best KPIs for the business.

  • You have to choose a time period to assess your past and plan your future marketing strategy.
  • It is important to analyze the strategy of your competitors too. You could create a spreadsheet for analyzing the online activities of your competitors. For instance you can identify your competitors SEO strategy that is what keywords he is using to drive online traffic to his website etc.

Review the type of images and time you post your content. This also could have an impact on the online traffic to your website.

#3. Focus On Your Target Audience:


This is a very important step. You should try your level best to fulfil the requirements of your audience.

  • Make a list of the demographic information of your niche customers and that should include gender, age and location.
  • Take into consideration the aspirations, goals, desires of the target consumers to develop your marketing plan.
  • You should identify the consumers who could influence your strategy. These are the influencers your strategy needs to target.

#4. Determine Your Means:


Three things are important to identify at this stage, that is, your budget, marketing channel and your team members. This is the time to take note of your resources and decide what you might need for next period.



  • Determine your budget for digital marketing.
  • Analyze your past data and see what has worked before. It could be a specific channel that has brought quality leads at low cost.
  • Decide if you want to go for paid promotion and allocate a portion of your budget for the specific digital channels.

Team Members:


  • Decide whether you need to hire more people.
  • Decide whether you need to outsource some of the digital activities to third party or whether all the activities will take place in-house.

Marketing Channels:


  • Review the current marketing channels you choose and decide the ones you would like to keep and whether investing in a new channel is required.

#5. Formulate and Measure Marketing Plan:


You cannot determine 100% success from the onset of a marketing plan based on insights and assumptions and hence you have to continuously monitor and measure the performance of your marketing strategy and make changes from time to time. The success of your marketing campaign can be measured by measurement metrics like re-tweets, followers, shares etc. and measurement platforms such as Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics etc.

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